Wednesday, May 10, 2017


It's been rainy here the past few days. The quiet sound of rain mixed with thunder and lightning put me in a peaceful place. Like Buddy Guy's, It Feels Like Rain.

I went to the BVI once. Kevin and I were invited by my brother, Jerry, and a friend to sail a 36' sailboat he had chartered around some of the most beautiful waters I have ever seen. The people were all very welcoming, coming from all over the world to sail these waters. We met many ex-pat's who invited us to stay with them. 

Kevin and I

After we landed on a short strip of runway on Beef Island, we disembarked onto the runway, walked into a tiny building and through a small customs area. Locals were standing outside of the building, excited to see whomever had taken that tiny plane to come and see them. This island is connected to Tortola by bridge, and the main airport to serve the BVI.

Kevin looking tanned and rested

We sailed around Virgin Gorda, the Bath's (which are famous for the Victoria's Secret modeling shoots), Jost Van Dyke, and even to the inhabited reef that is surrounded by more than 300 shipwrecks, Anegada (The Drowned Island). 

Me at the helm

You see, a reef is flat, unlike an island that you can see when you sail upon it. You can't see a flat reef in an ocean until you're upon it. The underwater reef has to be carefully navigated to reach it. Jerry did that. I would have wrecked it.

Snorkeling somewhere in the BVI
Only very skilled sailors dare to navigate the shipwrecks, and reef that wrecked them, to get to the main inhabited reef that is barely visible as one approaches it. It's highest point is only thirty feet above sea level. There is no fresh water on this reef, even though it is occupied by a hotel, housing, cars, and it's own airport (for those that don't dare to sail in) I can't remember if we ate lunch there or not, but I do remember the goat on the table. So laid back.

The entrance to Bomba Shack
We visited Bomba Shack one night for the rum punch. I am purposely posting this picture, because it is how my sight was after imbibing here. We called for a taxi that night. 

My story here is tame compared to stories I've heard. If the walls of some of the rooms here could talk, they would tell colorful tales, indeed. If you've ever been there, you know.

That's Kevin and I at the "bar".

Kimmy served the best lemonade in her Secret Garden at Josiah's Bay. I ordered one every chance I had.

Jerry soaking it in
Such a simple recipe I will share with you another time. She was there making a go of it with her welcoming restaurant, while her husband worked on desalination.

Kevin at Josiah's Bay
One night, back at Josiah's Bay, we headed down an old dirt road towards the bay. There were loose chickens and a cow on the "road". It was fun walking back in the dark that night. We should have taken a flashlight.

Gilligan's Island?
Anyway, when we reached the end of the road, we came upon a desolate beach. On it was a shack, and I use that term very loosely, with a couple of guys inside serving drinks. Honestly, I think it's just where they set up a place to enjoy the view, watch the sunset, and throw back a few. Of course, we joined them that night. 

Sunset at Josiah's Bay
It was so relaxing with a bohemian feel to it. We could see the lights of St. Thomas across the channel. 

After a while, our host bestowed the title of bartender upon my brother, who willingly obliged. 

With Kevin by my side, my brother serving drinks, the beautiful setting sun, the sound of waves on the shore, and Buddy Guy serenading on CD, it was a feeling made into memory. 

And It Feels Like Rain.