Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Scotch And Cigars

I hosted my first two Scotch tastings in one month. One with my brother and his wife, and one with Ashley, from Craving4More , and her husband. I'm sharing both of those special nights in this blog.

My brother and his wife took Kevin and I to dinner first. Afterwards, we came to my house where dessert was waiting; Smoked Gouda Rosemary Apple Pie. And Scotch.

When Ashley came over, she brought sauteed apples and onions and a beautiful wedge of Smoked Gouda cheese. They also brought me a bottle of wine, knowing that I might prefer to indulge. I offered some savory rosemary flatbread crackers to enjoy with her tasty appetizers.

We have amazing people in our lives. Part of what prompted this tasting were gifts from a few of Kevin's customers at work. One gave him cigars from his travels to Cuba, and another gave him a bottle of smooth and smoky liquid gold. Truly special and thoughtful treats that had to be shared. 

The bottles decorated my table. Each person drank from a different style of glass which belonged to each bottle. This way, the flavors could be compared.

Both nights were equally special. We laughed and talked and pondered life. All the while, enjoying our Scotch and cigars. 

The smoky cheese and apples complemented each scotch perfectly, while putting a little something in our stomachs.

Each libation offered it's own unique qualities. All were delicious. 

These nights are treasures, little gems tucked away to fondly remember later. I enjoyed sharing the company, the relaxation, and celebrating life. Festive evenings. Like the holidays. Only in July. Time stood still, while the hours passed. These are the joyous moments that balance my life.

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