Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother's Day

My sole purpose today is to shout out to all of the mothers I know. You are all Superwomen. It should be acknowledged more often, but hey, you get your birthday too, right?
Two days a year are yours. Use them wisely! I don't need to tell you how tough your job is, or that you never knew your heart could hurt so much. You could never have imagined how tired you could get while still functioning, before childbirth.  You also never knew how much love and joy you could hold in your heart. The funniest part is that no matter what I write, and you know it's true, it really can't be explained. Motherhood isn't a thing. It's a state of being. Today, I am celebrating Mother's Day by sharing pictures of my mom.

My mother and my daughter

my paternal grandma

Three kids kept her busy

Four kids kept her busier! My maternal grandmother

I was so lucky to have her to myself for a while

Ocean City, MD

Her favorite breakfast spot

Sunset cruise in Maui

With my little sister

Rocking a bikini

Wet feet from the ocean, It was on her bucket list

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