Friday, February 24, 2017

First Blog Post

It's 11:00pm and way past my bedtime. See, I started this blog site today and my mind is jumbled with thoughts on how/where to start.
Beginnings are difficult for me (as well as some middles and ends). I still don't know how to fill in the "About" section. I stumbled across this "add" and thought why not?. It is after all my blog, a place where I can color outside of the lines.
I am encouraged by a few different people, family and friends, to do this. I believe they think it will be cathartic for me. I only hope I have something of value to offer.
I am married to a hard-working man whose love has carried me through many years. I have a beautiful daughter that is grown and has a family of her own, two monstrous dogs, four chickens, one beehive, three vegetable gardens, my own she-shed, and a kitchen that brings it all together. I suppose I have more to share than I think. In this moment, I foresee my blog as a way to share a moment or a thought in my life. Hey, I think I just found my "About".
It's 11:30pm now and I realize I'm rambling. The beginning is past. I'm over the hump. Tomorrow I will learn my new site, and get more comfortable with all of the nuances that are waiting to be learned. My first post. It's not what I envisioned, but I'm ready to sleep now.

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