Thursday, January 3, 2019

Mushroom Sherry Soup

Valerie blessed me with soup again this week.
I’m so very spoiled. SO spoiled in any and every way – don’t ever forget that!
She talked about making her Mushroom Sherry Soup, with croutons created from San Francisco sourdough.
I couldn’t resist – asking for just a touch.
So here it is – no recipe, really. In her words, “Easy peasy.”
And in my words, “Magnificent!”
Mushroom Sherry Soup
Oh! Well I didn’t measure lol. I used dehydrated mushrooms maybe 5 or 6 cups after they hydrated. A box (32 oz?) chicken broth. 4 or 5 garlic cloves a yellow onion. 
Saut̩ onion until translucent. Add garlic for a few minutes. Add mushrooms und saut̩ until it starts to brown (barely) add broth. Simmer maybe 10-15 minutes until it marries. Throw in the vita mix. Back in the pan. Add cream 3/4 pint and then thin with milk maybe a cup. Add sherry about a cup Р1 1/2 cups. Drizzle with truffle oil on top and the truffle salt shaved pecorino. Oh and salt and pepper and lemon thyme! About a tsp salt and pepper and a couple TBS lemon thyme. I threw it in with the mushrooms for the summer.
Sourdough French. Rub both sides with truffle oil. Top with Parmesan and make croutons. Serve at the bottom of the soup bowl. Top with soup, then shaved cheese, and then drizzled with truffle oil and fresh thyme. Easy peasy.

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