Friday, May 26, 2017

How To Eat A Hot Dog

I have a surprise guest cook in the kitchen today. Not only did he feed me, he also fulfilled a challenge by by brother-in-law to make and blog what he calls "real food". The challenge included ramen noodles, which hasn't been forgotten. I'm working on it. Hot dogs are included on his "real food" list, so this will suffice for now.

Kevin is off today. He's actually scrolling through FB and keeping me company in the kitchen while I make cheesecakes. I've got a Pot Roast resting on the counter. The kitchen is alive. Every now and then I can hear him laughing about something that's been posted. I'm still trying to explain the difference between the "Kevin" page and the "Home" page. It's a nice slow Sunday, and I like the feeling of it. 

Now I know it's past lunchtime, but I made French Toast for a late breakfast around 11:00 this morning. What follows is an example of the power of suggestion. It's only 1:00 and Kevin wants me to look at another post on his page. It's hot dogs. They're split, grilled, and topped with cheese. And Kevin wants them. In fact, he wants them so badly that he makes a trip to the grocery store to buy hot dogs, buns, and a pack of shredded cheese. 

If you've read any of my blogs, you've probably come to know a little about me. I like good food. I try to prepare the most nutritious, fresh, local, and organic food that is within my reach. Most of the time. Sometimes conveience and budgets win. I mean, I still challenge my beliefs and limits. I have plenty of "bad" habits. I just do the best that I can with what I've got. For instance, I don't make my own flour. Yet. I love organic gardening. I capture rainwater. I keep chickens for eggs, company, and fertilizer. It makes me feel good when I do sustainable things. I also have a sweet tooth, a salt tooth, and a fat tooth. I don't like pre-shredded cheese (it's the scientist in me that thinks about exposed surface area), and I don't like hot dogs very often (and at that point they must be kosher).

Here's a pearl for you. One of the reasons Kevin's and my marriage works is because we are so very different. I'm all yin and he's all yang. There are very few places where we are the same. We are complements to each other. This has taught us a respect for another's opinion, perception. True yin and yang are constantly moving into each other, twisting and swirling but never becoming the other. One becomes excess when he other is deficient, so that the whole can remain intact. Which brings me back to my guest cook today. 

I know the feeling of looking at a recipe and wanting to make it. I saw that look on Kevin's face today. So, I'm happy to join Kevin and enjoy this meal that he so happily prepared for us. 

We sat and watched "Founder" while we ate, which somehow seemed appropriate. It makes me happy that I can hold certain beliefs and still be flexible when they're not that important. 

With gratitude and love; that is how you eat a hot dog.

  • hot dogs, boiled and split down the center, the grilled or fried
  • hot dog buns
  • cheddar cheese
Assemble and enjoy 💕

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