Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DIY Swing Conclusion

My swing is almost finished. Parts One, Two, Three, and Four are complete. Kevin has built the pergola over the top, and I'm going to plant a vine to climb up and over it. Now it's time for a mattress and some pillows.

We looked around for a twin mattress and found the best price at Bob's Discount Mattress. Huge (unsponsored) shout out to them for the best pricing ($68- clearance). Plus, they double bagged it for us after we told them what we were using it for. 

I have a confession to make here. I have never owned a sewing machine. It blows my mind to even write this, but it's true. I have longed for one off and on over the years, but never bought one. I tell you this because I used an ultra hold fabric tape to put my cover on my mattress. It didn't do the best job, but it worked. I have some leftover fabric I've kept after recovering my patio furniture. It's just enough to cover the mattress. The bonding tape cost $3.50 at the craft store. I just ironed my folds together.

Then my friend, Jen, comes for a visit. At this point I've decided that if I'm going to make pillows, I needed a sewing machine. Has anyone looked at the price of decorative pillows these days? I think I have justified the cost of the sewing machine. She's decided that I need the machine this day. So out we go. I've come across another huge bargain on a sewing machine. What was regularly priced at $175-, is discounted to $80-. There are only two left, and one is mine. 

After that purchase, Jen decided we have to go to look at fabric. I acquiesce. We find the most perfectly beautiful fabric for pillows that I could have ever hoped for. This fabric will be right at home with the wide-striped bolt I have at home. Thank you Jen! 

Don't laugh. It took us an hour and a half to figure out how to thread the machine and bobbin before I actually got sewing. Neither of us had sewn since junior high (What is now known as middle school. Yes we are both that old 😉). It was in Home Ec class. I'm betting schools don't have that class any more. If it weren't for our memories of Home Ec, we would have to submit to the instruction book. We weren't doing that.

So we measure, cut, pin, and sew. I am so nervous about the first one. Will it look ok? Will the opening on the pillow case work and still keep out any water? Our tested patience is rewarded. It is beautiful! In hindsight, I wish I would have used a sewing machine on my mattress cover too, but I truly had not planned on making pillows until I saw the cost of them.

With one pillow finished, the rest will be easier. We just had to get in the groove. I'm making a flapped back so the pillows can be taken out, taking care to make sure that the open side is facing down (think rain). 

I'm pretty proud of us at this point. We've never made piping or pillows. These turned out really well. The fronts, backs, and piping match so well. 

This is the last of my pillows. Our project is complete. 

I love the way it turned out. 

A HUGE thank you Kevin for taking your weekends and making this swing for me. He makes it look a lot easier than I know it is. I will be spending a lot of time out here this summer. 

It's in the perfect spot, and is shaded most of the day. The sound of a fountain nearby, along with the hum of the bees soothe my soul. The boys will spend time napping, while the girls forage for food. 

As for me, I plan on waking up early enough to get my chores done so that I can spend my time out here blogging, napping, or just making it my "home base" in between gardening and outdoor chores. Of course, a nice glass of wine can only enhance the atmosphere. 


  1. OMG We had sooo much fun, and if I do say myself, IT IS PERFECT!