Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Indian Summer

It's that magical time of year. I can feel it in my veins. My brain is settling down. It feels as if I've just had a nap. You know, that moment when you just awaken and all is well. The grogginess is gone, but the mind is still.

The days are shorter in length. The air is downright cold some mornings. I can hear the leaves on the trees rustle more often as they are getting ready to turn beautiful colors and submit to autumn. I can almost sense the holidays around the corner. It's my favorite time of year. The change of seasons. 

It's that period of time when summer is ending, but it's still not quite fall. When I go out, I hear conversations of people expressing their surprise at how fast the year has flown away.

I've started my harvest. The most beautiful vegetables are ripening in my garden. This was my first year growing tomatillo's, and I couldn't be more pleased with the way they have taken to the soil.

My neighbors are generously sharing as well. It's a true bounty. In the past few weeks, I've made dehydrated tomatoes, candied pear tomatoes, zucchini bread, and beet pasta. I've added kale and peas to rice for a change. These grapes patiently wait for me to turn them into something I will be thankful for this winter. All are future blog posts.

The vines are prolifically blooming, as if they know the season is drawing close.

I walked around my yard with my bare feet cold in the dewy grass this morning. I had my camera in hand. I couldn't resist. It truly is a miracle when a tiny dry seed can be thrown into the ground and become something that nourishes me; body and soul. 

This little pie pumpkin is showing me some orange color. Kevin put some wire around all of my almost-but-not-quite-ready-to-pick vegetables. 

The squirrels are eating them . I don't mind sharing, but our squirrels are curiously greedy. One bite from each vegetable is all they want. They quickly lose interest and seek something more satisfying. 

I am content. I have a husband that returns my love, good friends, and fruitful gardens. 

I'm  thankful for my naughty dogs, independent chickens that give me nutritious eggs, and busy bees. I have a comfortable home where I reside with love and generosity. 
And I have the blessing of Indian Summer. 

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