Friday, February 24, 2017

Lemon Leek Mushroom Galette

Yesterday was a calamity of doctor visits, failed computers, downed X-ray machines, and pharmacies whose supplies didn't meet my demand.

Today, I plan on taking my powerful medication and
sleeping. In-between doses, I plan to be on the phone with the insurance company and various medical offices, trying to make appointments.
I have much respect for the people who work in the medical field. I am not one that blames them when the computers go down, the supplies are low, or there is ambiguous communication between doctors offices and insurance companies. I used to be an RN in the emergency department. I understand people's frustrations in my current situation, and I understand and respect the medical professionals who truly just want to help.
So, today I am posting a recipe that was written by my brilliant friend, Ashley. She is born to cook. For everyone. Her understanding of food and ability to combine flavors continually amaze me. She made me this galette once. Just because. She called and said she was on her way to bring it to me. It takes her twenty minutes to get my house, by highway. Her generosity is limitless.
I have made this recipe twice since then. It's one of those that I crave. Enjoy it and check out her site while you're there. You won't be disappointed

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